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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wildflowers in Grant Woods

Chuck and I biked Grant Woods Forest Preserve This is a beautiful wooded area with open prairies and some up and downs; if I were to complain (which I'm not) the trails are a bit short. We rode the street trails in and around Fox Lake to end up with a 15 mile day.

What I really like about this preserve is the diversity of plants. Today my topic is the flowering plants in Grant Woods. Now these may actually be weeds, but since they are all beautiful and growing together I will call them wildflowers
See for yourself click on a picture to enlarge it...
This grass was so pretty, I had to get a shot. I have since found out it is called Bottlebrush grass and is Uncommon.
Grass seedbeard spraying over a field of yellow coneflowers.
This white one caught my eye, click on it to see it enlarged...it is really quite spectacular. I could not find a name for though.
If you click on this light purple flower and look in the 7 o'clock position, you will see a large daddy long legs spider.

There is a bumblebee in the 9 o'clock position on the Purple Joe Pye Weed...having some fun. The status of this plant is Uncommon, also.
Look in the upper right part of the flower...there is a lightning bug there. It's the first time I ever saw one during the day!

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Goldenrod said...

Fifth photo down ... I clicked to enlarge, and found myself chuckling as I thought some of those petals looked like bare feet!