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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Redneck Fire Alarm!

Thanks again to Darline.

This falls into that Oh My Gosh! category...

Winter Driving Tips

Thanks to Darline for these; hope you find at least one of these useful!

Here are some helpful hints that could make your winters easier to deal with ..

Keep your headlights clear with car wax! ......

Just wipe ordinary car wax on your headlights.

It contains special water repellents that will prevent that messy mixture from accumulating on your lights - lasts 6 weeks.

Squeak-proof your wipers with rubbing alcohol!....

Wipe the wipers with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol or ammonia.

This one trick can make badly streaking & squeaking wipers change to near perfect silence & clarity.

Ice-proof your windows with vinegar!....

Frost on it's way? Just fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water & spritz it on all your windows at night.

In the morning, they'll be clear of icy mess.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which raises the melting point of water---preventing water from freezing!

Prevent car doors from freezing shut with cooking spray!.....

Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car doors & rub it in with a paper towel.

The cooking spray prevents water from melting into the rubber.

Fog-proof your windshield with shaving cream!...... .

Spray some shaving cream on the inside of your windshield & wipe if off with paper towels.

Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients found in commercial defoggers.

De-ice your lock in seconds with hand sanitizer!.. ...

Just put some hand sanitizer gel on the key & the lock & the problems solved!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Birdie

As promised, here are some of the latest pictures of the new birdie. He/She is getting to be much more at ease and comfortable in the new surroundings. I can even get him out of the cage (sometimes) without too much ado, to sit on my shoulder. He is also chirping a little bit in the afternoons. Yes, I think this is going to be ok.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

E mails

Do you ever get put of by the subject line in E-mails?

Well, I don't know about you, but getting an e-mail entitled:

Get rid of those pesky nose hairs

Just doesn't do it for me!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Baby Birdie

I have been looking forward to getting another bird since October but I wanted to get it from this really good pet store in Illinois. So today was the day. I really did not have too many to pick from but this one that I settled on looks like he (she) will be just fine. Now if I can only get it to calm down a little. It is very nervous in the new surroundings...I am hoping that will all be better in a few days.

This pet store is so good, they follow up on the purchase of birds by requesting that the bird be brought back for weekly weigh-ins and general evaluations. Just another way of making sure that the new relationship gets off on the right foot.

I'll update this topic as the days go by so we can track his (her?) progress.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Silent Monks do the Hallelujah Chorus

Ok, I've been teased enough about some of my spiritual searchings. Here's a really good rendition of the Silent Monks doing a standard Christmas song

Thanks to Jeannine for this one!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eureka Springs Art Show

It was a beautiful day last Saturday and I thought I would enjoy the drive to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to see the Art Show that was being held at the convention center there. It was the first such show I'd attended since moving here, so I had no preconceived ideas about it.

It turned out to be what I would call an upper end crafts show, since most everything there was made by the vendors displaying the goods. Some of them were quite good and all were unique and worthy of being shown. There were no two tables displaying the very same stuff (as often happens at these shows) so I got to enjoy all of it. Sadly, not all the pictures I took came out so my paltry array below will have to suffice. There were many other good looking displays but my picture taking ability that day was off somehow. I guess I will have to wait until next year and hope for a steadier hand..

This work was done by a local Fayetteville craftsman: Primitive Influence Glass Studio featuring hand blown and sculpted art glass. It was all unique and very well made...I had difficulty deciding on which one to buy. They were all alluring.

This was perhaps the most interesting table. All of the items were natural and hand-hewn by Native American, Stone Akin I was drooling over several of these....maybe next year.

Not only did this vendor have wonderful hand made flutes, she also had small flutes that sounded like birds chirping. I thought it was very soothing to listen to, but knew I would be unable to replicate the sounds I heard. I have been to stands like this before. The vendors all make it look so easy and you buy one only to hear flat honking when you get it home! At least that has been my luck.

This was another of my favorite tables. All of the items on display were made of wood; some quite exotic and others just your basic oak, pine and maple. The designs were top notch and if you are ever in St Louis, Missouri maybe you should look him up ZRJ designs I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanks to Melissa...

A woman was having a passionate affair with an Irish inspector from a
pest-control company. One afternoon they were carrying on in the
bedroom together when her husband arrived home unexpectedly.

'Quick,' said the woman to the lover, 'into the closet!' and she
pushed him in the closet, stark naked.

The husband, however, became suspicious and after a search of the
bedroom discovered the man in the closet..

'Who are you?' he asked him.

'I'm an inspector from Bugs-B-Gone,' said the exterminator.

'What are you doing in there?' the husband asked.

'I'm investigating a complaint about an infestation of moths,' the man

'And where are your clothes?' asked the husband.

The man looked down at himself and said, 'Those... little bastards!'..