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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finally...Atlas Safe Room

I can, with confidence, say that I am no longer intimidated by tornadoes.  The one that came through central Arkansas a couple of weeks ago scared the begeebses out of me. I went looking for a solution.I discovered Atlas Safe Rooms from of all places, Joplin, Missouri. The room exceed federal standards for surviving an EF5 tornado and if everything collapses around you, it is possible to remove a wall or ceiling so you can get out of the safe room and not be held captive because of debris on the unit.  That was all I needed to see.
Sign me up!
They came at 9:00AM as promised and were done with the installation by 10:AM as promised. I needed to do my meals on wheels run that day, so the schedule was a little tight, but everything went along swimmingly.  See how easy they make it look!

They were installing two units on Friday, mine is the small lump closest to the truck.

 I really got the feeling that installing the unit was the best thing I could do to "Protect my World".

 In moments they had a couple of the wall units up and bolted together. It was easy to  see that they had done this many times before.
 The door...that baby weighs 500 lbs, and all three guys were necessary to get it off the truck and into the garage for installation.

This is Dave. He is the man to drill the pilot holes for bolting the unit through the cement floor of the garage. He made it look easy! He was also hamming it up a little for me too!
This is the bolt that they use. once the hole is drilled the bolt is hammered in and then the drill bit turns the bolt and the flange that he is holding forces the end up and outward so it grabs the insides of the hole and exerts force along the sides so it cannot budge.  I thought it was pretty cool.
So, okay, even though I have this room, I am not so anxious to actually experience a tornado.