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Friday, September 26, 2008

Back Home

We got back to my place Wednesday afternoon and as expected all of my garden areas were grossly overgrown with weeds and grass. No matter how much mulch I put down, it still pops through. Oh well, this is the price one pays for trying to have more than one thing growing simultaneously in the yard.

I was REALLY interested to see how my fig trees made out. I planted them two years ago. The first spring we had a nasty and long freeze in April and wasn't sure that they would survive. But when I got to the back yard I was pleasantly surprised! Of the three I planted, they all were doing well. The middle one was taller than my 6 foot fence, so I think they have dug in and will be with me a while.

Then I went over for a closer look (since this was the only growing thing in my yard that I was happy with) Oh boy...figs all over it! Not big enough or ripe enough but I know the signs of a healthy tree and next year promised figs aplenty.

Then as I was admiring the tree I noticed something else...do you see it there on the ground between the fig stalks?
Well, do you see it now?
Yep...it's a snake alright, and now he is letting me know that he is not at all happy that I have disturbed his little siesta!

Yes, my dear little snake...all good things come to an end. You just go along and find another place to take up residence.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Backpacking in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Rather than get all caught up in the details of week-long trip I thought I would post the pictures in sequence as the trip unfolded and describe the events as they happened. We started at the top of the canyon...and I didn't take four steps when I found this little horned toad...look closely he really blends in with the background

(Click on any picture to have it enlarged for a better view.)

We were actually walking across one of the reservation residents' property and I grabbed a quick picture of this outhouse...this of course was way before I knew that I would be using similar facilities for the week. Actually, the ones I used did not have a roof; so mine were more rustic!
Seriously, this is the descent into the canyon.
After we arrived at camp, we had the chance to rest a bit before dinner. This grasshopper was making his way up my chair and ultimately onto my camera before I had to have serious words with him!
More beautiful views on the canyon floor.
Some of the many Anasazi ruins. that we saw during the week
It rained on us only once during the trip and I thought these herded tourists in the truck with the ponchos looked particularly sorry...(we of course looked MUCH worse when it was finally over!)
I thought this flower was so pretty -- then found out that everything about this plant (flower, leaves and roots) is poisonous.
Catherine, a native Navajo who lives in the canyon demonstrates the Navajo weaving techniques. She gets the wool from her sheep and works on from there! Here she is combing the wool to remove dirt and separate the fibers.
Taking the clean wool and making it into thread for dyeing and then weaving
Here she is showing the weaving techniques...
The next day it was on to yet another canyon...this time up and over the top.
Even the open road can be troublesome at times.
This was by far the most difficult hike (and the most beautiful) Why is that?
Once you get to the top there is no other way to go but down...
We all took turns at cooking. This particular day I was in charge of cooking breakfast. Oatmeal was the cereal of the day. You can tell by the reaction of my fellow hiker that it was...well...different!
A well deserved rest at the end of a long day.
More Anasazi ruins.
I was also in charge of helping with dinner. Navajo fry-bread was the order of the day. Here my helpmates were ready to dig in...but where is the bread?
A little instruction in the proper forming of the circle of dough and then...
this is what it looks like when cooked. Now on to the toppings!
Here's my masterpiece!
Some battle scars from the day.
Another hike and another beautiful view. This is Window Arch.
We all got pretty good at fording streams!
Our final destination in the canyon...Spider Rock.
More flowers for me before we made our ascent out of the canyon.
Believe it or not you are looking at the way out of the canyon. There is a trail that takes us up and has many switchbacks and crossovers, but it does ultimately get us out. It was a very strenuous hike but beautiful too.
Here we look down on the same view!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



when you cry...

no one sees your tears.


when you are in pain...

no one sees your hurt.


when you are worried..

no one sees your stress


when you are happy..

no one sees your smile ..






FART !! just ONE time...

And everybody knows!!

Bet you thought this was going to be one of those heart-touching stories...


Thanks go to Fran for this one!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ice Ceam in Kanab, Utah

We begin our trip to the general vicinity of Canyon deChelly, Arizona for our 6 day backpack trip with the Sierra Club which begins on Sunday.
So we got a room here in Kanab and since we were early to check in, we cruised the town and found this really great place for ice cream:
The Three Bears Creamery Cottage
210 South 100 East
Kanab, Utah, 84741
435 644 3300

OK, this is THE place for ice cream just take a look at the pictures of the sundaes that Chuck and I ordered. It was one of the few times that we had dessert for lunch!

But even better they make their own bread daily and concoct really great sandwiches. I wish I was staying here longer so we could have another meal there before we go!

Finally...Bryce Canyon...and Zion too!

This is like no other place in the world! Yes, it is in the high desert and you will have to deal with some cacti and crawly creepy things, but it is all worth the effort. And remember, no matter what anyone tells you, the creepy crawly things are more afraid of you than you are of them!

Ok, let's get this out of the way now.
Here is the rattlesnake that I KNEW I would find in the area somewhere, he was harmless and posed very nicely for me!

This is one of the many arches at Bryce Canyon
This is the Amphitheater, the most spectacular view in Bryce (IMHO)
Here I am taking the shot looking down on the Navajo Loop trail...yes it DOES go down for some distance...we linked in to another trail which was a lot easier up than coming back this way!
Another view on the Navajo Loop trail

We came upon these turkeys on our way to the Emerald Pools located just across from the Lodge at Zion
And...a trail companion we found along the way
A waterfall into on of the Emerald Pools
Along the trail up to the third pool, I came across this conglomeration of cairns prepared by prior hikers. It was a quiet celebration for the rest of us!