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Friday, September 12, 2008

Eagles Landing Motel, Beaver, Utah

We traveled from Moab on toward Bryce Canyon and hoped to get a place to stay the night somewhere near Bryce, that was affordable and clean.

After checking many hotels around Bryce, I ended up with this place located in Beaver, Utah. It was very affordable (compared to others in the area) We got a beautiful room with a King bed, 32 Inch Plasma TV nicely carpeted and appointed room for a whopping $ 46.68 which included tax!

Eagles Landing Motel
646 W 1400 N
Beaver, Utah
435 438 7800
Just off exit 112 of Interstate 70

But there was one thing that really caught my attention: gee...am I allowed to say it on the internet??
Ok, I will and take my chances.

It was the toilet. Well, not the toilet so much as the ability to choose which type of flush you would like to use (given the circumstances).

See...they have these two buttons one that is half white and half black; this is for what I call a half flush. Good for liquid type matter.

Then there is the full black button...this is a full volume and action flush for the 'other' kind of flushes!

Like I told Chuck, if I ever build another house, I need to have this in my house!


Kasia said...

I recently saw these double-flush toilets in the public bathrooms at Navy Pier in Chicago. They're really a great idea.

Scott said...

We've had these in our office for four years (would you like to come visit?) and regularily specify them in our projects.

The purpose of course, is not novelty, but water savings. These help us achieve one of the water use credits on LEED projects...

Goldenrod said...

When I first started reading your post, I thought, "Oh, Lord, she's got to be kidding!"

Then, after I realized that you were serious, I STILL was chuckling!