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Friday, September 26, 2008

Back Home

We got back to my place Wednesday afternoon and as expected all of my garden areas were grossly overgrown with weeds and grass. No matter how much mulch I put down, it still pops through. Oh well, this is the price one pays for trying to have more than one thing growing simultaneously in the yard.

I was REALLY interested to see how my fig trees made out. I planted them two years ago. The first spring we had a nasty and long freeze in April and wasn't sure that they would survive. But when I got to the back yard I was pleasantly surprised! Of the three I planted, they all were doing well. The middle one was taller than my 6 foot fence, so I think they have dug in and will be with me a while.

Then I went over for a closer look (since this was the only growing thing in my yard that I was happy with) Oh boy...figs all over it! Not big enough or ripe enough but I know the signs of a healthy tree and next year promised figs aplenty.

Then as I was admiring the tree I noticed something else...do you see it there on the ground between the fig stalks?
Well, do you see it now?
Yep...it's a snake alright, and now he is letting me know that he is not at all happy that I have disturbed his little siesta!

Yes, my dear little snake...all good things come to an end. You just go along and find another place to take up residence.

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