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Monday, September 8, 2008

Green River, Utah - 9 Day Canoe Trip

Here we are starting out from Crystal Geyser, our put in point. I took this one by just holding the camera up facing us and hoping for the best. The weather was partly cloudy, which helped to keep the temperatures more agreeable than it might have been otherwise. Lots of sunscreen and body lotion is needed for a trip like this...there is virtually no humidity, so your skin dries very quickly. To see anything better, just double click the picture to get a much larger view.
Here is the front end of our canoe a some point during the trip. Everyone takes 5 to 10 gallons of water and some of the food supplies. We were lucky..we got breakfast and snack bins. We were never wanting for anything to eat on this trip.

Here is some of the group, from left to right: Mike, Lou, John, Greg, Sammy, and Chuck

We hiked up to the top of several buttes along the way. Here is a view looking down at the river and some of the glorious canyon and red rock formations.

Here we are at Registry Rock, a short but steep hike up the canyon. Look at the rocks in the background...many have left their marks. (we did not)
Another beautiful look at the river and a still morning. I just love the reflection of the canyon walls on the still river water on a beautiful day. It doesn't get better than this!

Our leader fixing breakfast...well into the trip.

Here is an old homestead ranch cabin that was built in the late 1800's. We hiked up to this and further on to a much higher butte before we continued our paddle.

Here is Lou...one of our group-mates having fun with a foot mud bath!

Chuck and Greg are hiking in different directions on Jasper Canyon. We found Anasazi Ruins in fantastic condition here. The hike was very short and well worth the effort!
Our tent at one of our campsites...

Here is the the ruin...

Here it is again with Chuck in the foreground
Alas...all good things come to an end. The boys were doing the Canoe Conga as we were packing it all up for our jet boat ride back to Moab, Utah. From left to right: Mike, Fred and Chuck.

Greg's two sons could find fun in just about anything. Here is the younger one, 'Gator "packing up" his brother Sam for the return to Moab. (just for the moment, Sam did NOT travel in the plastic crate!)

Once on board the Jet Boat, the beers were handed out. I never had Irish stout, but this went down real easy!

On the way up the river we passed groups of loaded rafts heading for Cataract Canyon and loads of white water rafting. Everyone seemed ready for a good time!

The take-out point was Potash, Utah boat ramp. We finished the return trip in a bus; they just drove the jet boat up on the truck ramp (fully loaded) and drove it back to the outfitters place.

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