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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colorado River Rafting

We took a one day rafting trip down the Colorado with the Moab Adventure Center. We met at 8 and took a bus to the put in point which was just above Hittle Bottom. The river felt pretty cold when we started, but before too long ( maybe 1.5 hours) I tested it again and found it to be just right. so int o the water I went (with my personal floatation device) and proceeded to have a great time frolicking in the water and swimming around the raft. It turned out to be a perfect day, and the water never felt cold.

At one or so we stopped at Red Cliffs Adventure Lodge for a wonderful bar-b-que lunch buffet that was the best rafting lunch I have ever had. This alone would make me want to use this company again, since they were the only one to offer this kind of lunch.

We proceeded down the river after lunch and got a few small white water waves, but for me it was the swimming in the river that made it so perfect...I would highly recommend this outfitter and this particular tour, it is well worth it.

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Kosher Computing said...

Hi there. I just love the Colorado River myself, having taken three trips into the Grand Canyon with Hatch River Expeditions (sorry about the shameless plug), the first ones to commercially take people along the river. I know it's exciting in Utah as well, although there is nothing to compare to Hermit or Crystal Rapids in the canyon. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that I am off to Alaska to chase whales. Isn't that a bit ironic when another hurricane threatens my humble abode?