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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Biking Mishaps and more

Today we biked from the hotel to Arches National Park, which is about 7 miles distance, we continued on a little beyond the park entrance and then turned around to complete our outing for the day. I thought it a bit odd that for the return portion, which suddenly had the breeze in my face, I was having difficulty getting over 9 mph on a downhill stretch...then there was that incessant squeaking. All the signs added up to what I suspected; I had a flat. So Chuck went back to the hotel to get the van so he could pick me up.

I found a postage stamp sized piece of shade at the end of the Arches NP sign, so sat there and waited. Here's the pictorial story

Do you believe that the cause was just a little sticker barb?!

And look...I had company
We saw some really nice deadwood in Canyonlands too!
Here is one of the more dramatic overlooks at Canyonlands; those curvy lines are switchback red gravel roadbeds winding their way to the bottom

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