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Friday, August 29, 2008

Potash Road Drive

For our final bike outing for this month we rode 21 miles on Potash Road also known as State Route 279. It is known for its Dinosaur tracks, American Indian rock-art sites and an arch (Jug Handle. Watch for the signs. The scenery from the terraces and benches high above the Colorado River is outstanding. The road is relatively flat and if you leave early enough in the morning, you can have shade for a good portion of the ride...by 11:00 AM the road is pretty much all sun and warm...95 or so in August.
Here are some of the shots I got of the Jug Handle Arch and petroglyphs: (you may want to double click the photos to get a better view)

At the end of the maintained road was a potash mine facility, along side was a railroad track. Below is a picture of a regular pick-up truck, fitted so it can ride the rails. It is inspecting the track for anomalies.

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