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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deer Grove and Potbelly's

We went to Deer Grove for some Illinois mountain biking (that would be single track up some mild hills) Chuck took some great pics of me on the single track

Before that we stopped at Potbelly's for scrumptious sandwiches, no pic of them...but I did see some interesting stuff

I actually had a light fixture that looked a lot like this but mine was orange!

See the sign says, order a shake and hear 'um yell. Well the first time I ordered a shake at Potbelly's I ordered a black and white. They didn't know what it was. I explained that it was a shake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup...it took a couple of seconds to register, then the guy hollered....chocolate shake!!!
Gee...in New Jersey a chocolate shake was chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup.

AND...before that, we got haircuts. Check out Chuck with no glasses and those sparkling baby blues....

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