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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cherry Creek Spillway Trail and Cherry Creek Trail

We got to Aurora, Colorado by 3:30 today just in time for a nice little thunderstorm. Actually, it gave me a chance to get caught up on my email. Then we ventured out to find the bike trails in the area and give them a go.

We found the spillway trail and it merged into the Cherry Creek Trail, the only problem was that the Cherry Creek Trail looped around a large lake/reservoir. It had many offshoot trails and we wound up way off course. We trekked through a no leash dog romping area and treaded a flood trail for a while and ultimately found our way to our starting point around the lake. I had a bit more of a challenge than usual since one of my three gearshifts went 'ka-plooie'. That meant I had to work a lot harder to get up the remaining hills. I made it, but first thing tomorrow I will find a good bike shop and get this fixed.

Here are some shots I got while on the trail...

I especially like the sign that said their are lots of rattlesnakes in the area...STAY ON THE TRAIL!!

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