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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arches National Park, revisited

We toured the park again today specifically to see the Devils Garden section and related arches, since we could not do all the arches when we were here the other day. This particular section has longer and more strenuous hikes so we knew we had to give it more time than was available to us then.
We got an early and cool start and saw Pine Tree Arch, Tunnel Arch, Landscape Arch and Wall Arch. THEN the trail got nasty and steep, so much so, that I opted out and waited for Chuck to go up, out and back.

I waited by the recently collapsed Wall Arch for as long as the section was in the shade; then headed back to the start point.

But notice how steep the trail is just next to the collapsed arch, that was only the beginning of steepness, Chuck said it got much worse once past that section and on to Double O Arch (so I guess my decision to pass was probably the best one...I really have trouble with heights)

I went on back to the starting point and sat at a picnic table and wouldn't you know that I would have a visitor!?

This was a pretty long but innocuous snake that almost went right over my shoe while I was at the table.

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Goldenrod said...

Chuck showed some really great pix of the arches you didn't get to see, along with some of the trail you might have had trouble with, on his post.

The only time I have trouble with heights is when I'm on these humongous interstate and beltway overpasses. Weird, huh?