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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tatry Polish Food and Hot Springs Pool Glenwood Sprinngs

We went to the Glenwood Springs famous Hot Springs Pool today. There is a mineral thermal pool which is maintained at 104 degrees for therapeutic purposes, which we started our day with. Only for ten minutes or so though; more than that would have the effect of lowering my blood pressure too much. We moved on down the property to the deep end of the mineral pool. This one is kept at 90 degrees or so...all year long. It must be so cool to be here in the winter with deep snow all around and a nice warm pool to play in.

We also played on the water slides, just sat in the sun and swam a bit in the deep end.

Here is a picture I got from yesterday bike ride along the Colorado River. It's a group rafting through the white water along the path. We will do our own version tomorrow.

For dinner today we went to a new Polish restaurant called Tatry/Uncle Pizza and is located next to the Caravan Inn. They had lots of pizza and sandwich items on the menu to keep the American appetites satisfied. They also had quite a number of Polish dishes including Pork Cordon Bleu (snitel) This is a tenderized pork cutlet wrapped around ham, cheese and mushrooms which is deep fried, Chuck had this for dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and it was very tasty.
I had the Golumbke, which was also very tasty.


Kasia said...

The Tatry are the mountain range in the south of Poland...very beautiful! Everybody in Poland, regardless of age, is crazy about hiking in the Tatry. Golabki are a classic Polish dish, but I have to admit I've never really seen anything like that schnitzel before. Sounds delicious!

Kasia said...

I see kopytka on your plate!!! Yum!!! These potato flour dumplings are one of my faves.