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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arches, National Park

We visited Arches National Park today. It seems all of the visitors centers are being remodeled. This one was finished a few years ago and it is quite nice. The film that was presented was put together by the Discovery Channel and was (as usual) very informative. We saw the film AFTER taking our hike at Delicate Arch. The weather here has been quite warm so it is best to get your strenuous activities done by 11AM if possible.
Besides doing the driving tour through the park we hiked to Delicate Arch, Skyline arch and Balanced Rock. The most stunning in my opinion was Delicate Arch, but be warned, the hike out and back totals 3 strenuous miles and is not for the faint of heart! (Particularly in 98 degree heat)
Here are some shots of the day
This is delicate arch

Here I am in the arch...I finally made it! click to enlarge and see me!

I just love this one...looks like a guy from Easter island and a martian getting together
This is Skyline Arch, just a few hundred yard from the road
And, of course, dinner at Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant, Moab, Utah. 435-259-4366. Here you make your own combination dinner platters, priced by having one, two or three items. What I liked best is, if you choose beef, you can have it ground (Chuck had it this way) or shredded (I had it this way) and it was delicious. My meat was marinated and in tender chunks, I ordered only two items a chimichanga and a chalupa; even though I was really hungry, I had trouble finishing the entire meal
Chuck ordered a three item platter and he managed (with difficulty) to finish it all!

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Goldenrod said...

Great pix, Whale! LOVE the one of you trying to flag down a helicopter!! :)