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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pioneer Village and Museum, Cedaredge, Colorado

We visited the
Pioneer Village and Museum
located here in Cedaredge, Colorado on Friday. It is very nicely done. The buildings and wooden walkways were constructed by volunteers and continue to be run by volunteers of the community at large.

They not only have items that are in excellent condition; they also have lots of signs and handouts showing how they were used and what was being produced. For example they had three rebuilt silos, which 'back in the day' held food for farm animals. But the restored structures today held other items. In the first one was a series of mechanical washing machines; each one seemed to be a bit more 'advanced' than the previous. See for yourself...

Here is one of the three silos...
Various washing machines of the day

Don't forget to iron!

We saw a bunch of other stuff; here is the doctors office. He was also the optometrist.
There was an arrowhead artifact building as well and I saw some interesting stones used to grind corn and other grains
What village would be complete without one of these?
Here is an old piece of farm equipment


Carrie Ann said...

Where exactly is Pioneer Village? We want to go this Friday and can't find directions or an address anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Carrie Ann
The pioneer village is located on the only highway that goes through Cedaredge , Colorado. Once you get to town, if you do not see it, just ask anyone, they will direct you. The town is small and you should have no trouble finding it once you get there.