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Saturday, June 28, 2008

WaucondaFest Lumberjack Show

We caught the first lumberjack show at the WaucondaFest. Best part...there were very few people siting in either of the two bleacher sections set aside for watching. That means we got a chance to talk to the "Red Team" Jaime Fischer. He explained how the various show components work. We felt like we were getting our own private demonstration! Don't think for a moment that these shows are put on by amateurs...no way! Our guy was professional all the way. So was the Blue Team!

Here he is in the ax throwing contest...the ax has not yet hit the target; look closely!
This is the last time we see him dry while doing the Boom Run.

Chuck was obviously having a great time too!

he 'red team' was Jamie Fischer, you may like to learn a little of his interest in lumberjack sports.

Jamie Fischer

Fisher, attributes his success in the boom run and logrolling to his long family heritage and to his own private boom run set up in the backyard of his Stillwater, MN home. Fisher shattered his previous world record time of: 12.98 in the Men’s Boom Run set in 2004, with a new world record of: 12.49 at the 2005 Championships, which still stands to this day. With his 2007 crown, Fischer is now a holder of 5 continuous Boom Run World Championships. Fischer, who also held the 2003, 2004 and 2006 Men’s Log Rolling crowns, took home second place in last year's Men’s Open Log Rolling. Committed to the sport of log rolling, Fischer is an ardent promoter of the sport and has started several log rolling schools throughout the country.

They also do tree stump art

The front sign says welcome; that is for friends. When others who are not so welcome show up, just turn the sign around it says: Go Away!

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