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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blue Man Group, Briar Street Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Chuck and I went to the afternoon performance of the Blue Man Group...this is entertainment like no other. it's music, it's rhythm, it's comedy, it's timing, it's loud and dark and bright and many other things. It changes so quickly that even with the provided ponchos we were both hit with the goo that came from the stage during one skit.

It was all such fun, I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet been to a performance! It is a casual dress show and you are guaranteed to laugh and forget about your life for a while.

Do NOT show up late!!! They will ridicule you mercilessly...unless of course that is what you are after. The actors came outside after the show and I got a shot or two.

(we were not allowed to take pictures inside, I took one of Chuck prior to the show in his free poncho and was reprimanded soundly)

We walked around Wrigleyville and found this unique planter in front of a bar that had seen better days...maybe they thought if they planted them, they would grow?

Afterward it was on to Millrose Restaurant in South Barrington for a spectacular dinner...we are getting ready to be spoiled on our cruise I think!

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