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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reclaimed my Garage

Since I moved to Fayetteville over two years ago, I've been living with a sizable desk in my garage. Why do I keep a large desk in my garage, you might ask...because the movers were unable to get it through the doorway of one of the bedrooms that was to be my office.

So after all this time, I decided that it is unusable in the garage, it takes up valuable real estate there and it is best if it finds a home somewhere else. Today I had it picked up and taken away. So now I have my garage back.

It took a little jiggling and tweaking of the rest of the stuff that is in there, but I think I finally got everything arranged so that "if" I wanted to put two vehicles in it, I now could! It's a major accomplishment.

The space looked so good, I decided to wash the car...just because!

I was always taught to dry the edges and around all doors etc. So when I opened the hood to dry said edges, I couldn't believe how clean the engine area was. This is a one year old car that has been driven 10,000 miles and there was no dust or grime anywhere.

Now, why can't they do that on the outside too??!!

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