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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Six Flags Great America -- Gurnee

First a little background...
Located between Chicago and Milwaukee on Interstate 94. Six Flags Great America features seven themed areas, each highlighting a different aspect of Americana. The park opened in 1976 and was owned & operated by Marriott before being sold to Six Flags in 1984. Its sister park, Great America is located in Santa Clara, California. Today, Six Flags Great America features dozens of attractions including twelve roller coasters and a neighboring water park, Hurricane Harbor, that is included with admission.

But if you only go by that it sounds very dry and hardly worth the trip. It really is a great fun place for anyone of any age. See, I have always thought that once you get to be adult, you really can't visit a place like this without borrowing (or renting ) someones kids for the day. But, you can go here, as adults, and still have a ball! We had just cleared the entry gate and found this beautiful pool of water lined with mums leading to the carousel

We hit the American Eagle -- an original wooden roller coaster-- first. I loved these kinds of rides as a kid, but now that I am older...I found that I could feel my brain rattling around and while it was fun..it was not as great as I remember as a kid.

We moved on to the log flume. the line was short and we were in the water...I mean on the water....I mean under the spray in no time! It was just after this ride that I wished I wore my underarmour quick dry stuff. Ellen: make a note for your next visit! we barely got away from the ride when
Chuck realized he left his hat in the log. So we went back on the short line to retrieve it. They had it on the storage compartment by the entry turntable, but we figured let's do it again! I had to hurry to get the back seat this time and I made it. How was I to know Chuck was going to duck down when we hit the bottom so I could get the full splash! Now I am really soaked...it must be time to do the mad river raft ride!

This line was a little longer but the ride was well worth it! I looked around to get the driest seat in the circular car. Found and got it! We managed not to get too wet until just before the end we got sprayed from the back (this was probably the only dry spot on me prior to getting on the ride) So now I am so wet that a quick look at me shows everything the same color -- wet. I felt great though the day was in the low 80's and a light breeze kept me pretty cool!
Here is a group just in front of us getting on...look, two people are wearing ponchos...why it takes all the fun out of doing the ride...where is their sense of humor and adventure???!!!

We walked over to the Hurricane Harbor section..Here is a water-fun wonderland! So many slides, beaches and low water spray places to get wet and have fun! Don't forget the lazy river! Oh...My...! With this much close by, who cares if the gas prices are high? No need to travel far for a really good time!

We ended the visit with a train ride around the park getting another look at the rides and the light crowd!

Here is our parting shot...I took this by stretching out my arm and hoping for the best!


Rhonda said...

Ellen, it sure looks like you guys do some fun things! We enjoy your blog--our life is not quite so adventurous, unless you count changing diapers and giving baths. My things change in a year's time. Next time you are home, maybe we can head back to Guido's for catching up.

Rhonda Bramell (and Lee)

Vanessa Hines said...

Six Flags Great Adventure is located NJ. The one in IL is Six Flags Great America.