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Thursday, June 26, 2008

South Elgin Fox River Trail

We met Patti and Dave in Dundee and headed south today. Along the way we passed this castle looking residence..it is so cool!

We did the roller coaster ups and downs and made it to South Elgin where we found the river to be over the bike trail.

It didn't stop Chuck , me or Dave, but Patti was looking for an egress over the top on the bridge and road. That whole section was under construction and she was not able to cross the street, so we turned around there and headed back.

We got 19 miles in and stopped for lunch at Dairy Queen. Since my mouth is still recovering from the gum graft that was done on Tuesday I opted for a banana split...well you have to get your fruit somewhere! I was in heaven to have a meal made completely of ice cream.

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Nik the Stik said...

Scrolling through some blogs before heading out on my bike and came across your spot. I surfed the biking tag and enjoyed the posts very much.

Nik the Stik