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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shogun, Fayetteville, AR

Lauren and I went to Shogun for a nice dinner tonight.

This was my first visit to the new location and it is much nicer than the old one. Still has two sections for eating..the grilling area and table service. I've always wondered why anyone would come to a place like this and NOT sit at the grilling tables. I guess some people are more interested in privacy than the ambiance Shogun is noted for. Anyway, on the way out I noticed only two active tables and the grills were quite active!

Speaking of Sho....

Here is the Volcano Onion ...the before and after pictures. What I liked best was the young boy just opposite me at the table and his folks. These people enjoyed every minute of the show. I was astounded that the boy was so proficient with chopsticks! Anyway, the entire table was having a blast!

They always prepare the grill for the show...it always involves a huge flame which can be felt at the surrounding tables
Then it just as quickly dies...see the folks on the other side of the grill...they were smiles all night long!

I opted for the lobster..but they gave me the meal in stages, so by the time I got the lobster, most of my noodles and veggies were already gone!

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