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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Train Garden in North Barrington

As if the WaucondaFest was not enough to satisfy our curiosity...we went to an open house showing, for magnificent indoor and outdoor model railroad set-ups built by Huff n Puff . This goes way beyond the typical train set up you are likely to see at Chirstmas-time.
It was actually a benefit for a gardening conservancy and the trains were a pleasant 'add-on'.

So there is no need to keep yakking about what was there, here's my best shots. Enjoy!

A train going over a bridge by a waterfall in the garden. Doesn't everyone have one?
Here is a shot of the pool area, with a nice little lake in the background. This is more plush than a lot of resorts I have been to.

Here is a commuter train with the Chicago skyline in the background. One of the indoor models.
Here is a scale model of 'the Bean'...I found this to be amazing!
Here is a model of the face fountains that are located not too far from the bean. They have thought of everything.

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