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Monday, June 2, 2008

McHenry Trail and a Special Treat

Our group grew a little today: Chuck and me, Patti and Dave, Marlene and Len and another friend Carol.
We met in Crystal lake and rode the McHenry Prairie Trail south and then it became the Fox River Trail, for a full 20 miler today. The weather was perfect...again! High 70's or low 80's and abundant sunshine. There were enough trees along the trails to keep us cool and shaded.

After our ride and lunch at Colonial, Chuck and I went to a great little pet store in Crystal Lake called: Birds and Beasts Pet Shop, located in Coventry Plaza, Crystal Lake, Illinois.

This is a really special place because they have over 25 individual blends of seeds and foods for birds and other pets. It was very clean and the owner was very helpful and friendly. We walked through the store just to see what they have and found an employee and two young girls busy with three birds; two cockatiel young'uns and and adult parrotlet (I think) anyway, they were all having a great time. No hurry, no pressure...pure bliss.

This is the place to shop for your pet's needs and your own sanity!


Lauren said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaw!!! So many cute babies!!! So so very cute!

Oh and guess what. Blood tests came back and it turns out that Apple Jack is actually a boy. Whoo!

Lauren said...

btw thats a conure not a parrotlet.