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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wal-Mart,Tanyard Creek Nature Trail and More...

We took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride up to Bentonville. The first thing we did was to stop at Station Cafe for lunch. It was my second visit there and I discovered some new stuff on this trip. Their sides are a bit unusual. I was sure there was at least one mistake in the list: how could layer cake be a 'side'? Double click the photo below to see other unusual items that qualify. Well it was! and good too!

See right in between the steak tips in mushroom and onion gravy and my chili cheddar cheeseburger is a huge hunk of chocolate layer cake...enough for two!

Then it was on to the first WalMart store which is now converted to a memorial to Sam the Man and all his supporters from the beginning. I just love going to this place. He came from nothing worked hard, and stayed a nice guy all the way to the end. A true American Success Story. I always get a warm fuzzy when I go there.

The photo above is a tribute to the early efforts of Sam...the store was not a place to be held in high regard, but from it he grew the business to a spectacular success.

There was still some time left so we went up to Bella Vista to Tanyard Creek Nature Trail. This is a neat place that has several waterfalls and lots and lots of labelled plants and trees...I suspect it is spectacular in the spring time. We will definately try and get back before too long.

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