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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I made the trek back to Arkansas on Sunday. Lots of good things about the trip: the weather was a spectacular 73 degrees, the morning fog lifted quickly and the traffic was very light making the drive as easy as possible.

I did notice something strange though and that was the number of roadkill along the way. Usually I see deer or squirrels but none of that this time. If I had known how many I was to pass along the way, I would have counted, but I need to rely on estimates and my guesstimate is at least 20, yes 20, dead----hawks!

I have never seen so many dead in a trip...maybe in my lifetime! These were all by the side of the road mostly along the center median, it was as if they were sitting on the cable dividers between the oncoming traffic and came close to the road and that was it for them. It was really quite disturbing. there was no roadkill nearby that would have enticed them, so I guess this will remain a mystery unless someone can tell me what brought them to their deaths.

As always it is good to get back into a routine. Ok, enough of that...I am ready for my next adventure!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sure they weren't turkey vultures?