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Friday, January 18, 2008

National Military Park: Pea Ridge

Today we drove to Pea Ridge to hike the 5 plus miles of trails through the Pea Ridge Battlefields. Earlier this year I rode the car route on my bike, which was quite strenuous since there are a couple of pretty steep hills, but the horse trails (which is what we walked today) were laid out a bit differently so didn't have to do much climbing. The walk and the views were very serene. We saw 10 deer and several blue birds. It is nice to see nature alive and well all around us.

I didn't take many pictures of the battlefields, since I did that the last time. So here are a few of Chuck that I took along the way. We both enjoyed the high 50 degree weather and the quietness of the forest and the open grasslands.

Along the way we came upon a marker for the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee Indians. So it appears this area brought hardship for both the indians and the 'newly' settled white man as well. When will we stop doing this to ourselves?

After our walk we went to Las Palmas a terrific Mexican place on the way home. The food was delicious!

I ordered the lunch sized chicken chimichanga..a perfect size.

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