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Friday, January 4, 2008

Last Winter Hike

Today will be the final winter hike that I am able to enjoy here in Chicagoland and to cherish the last day we went to a new place for me, Crabtree Nature Center. The whole group met for the first time of this new year: Patti and Dave, Marlene and Len, and me and Chuck and we walked through a beautiful wonderland.
The people of the Nature Center had driven a vehicle around the walking paths of the center leaving two well defined tracks for us to walk in

( this made walking much easier than if we had to trudge through the snow ).
Below we came upon a 'blind' building for watching the water fowl on the lake, just on the other side of wall. This was quite a nice one since it had a high powered binocular along with a stool; all along the walls were pictures of the fowl likely to be seen in warmer times. For us it was a nice break from the cold weather.

There were some interesting signs that I have not seen anywhere else.

of course afterwards we went to a new place for lunch, Egg Harbor Cafe where one can get (surprise!) EGGS!
For me eggs benedict
For Len, plain ol' eggs and blueberry pancakes
For Marlene scrambled and spinach crepes
All delicious!

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