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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lost Bridge Park North Branch of the Trail

We went out in the overcast and fog to find Beaver Lake and Lost Bridge Park today. Just as we pulled in to the trailhead, the clouds cleared and we were blessed with a beautiful blue sky and warmer weather for our 5 miler around the various "fingers" of Beaver Lake today. It took us 2.5 hours to do the entire trail, which was a little longer than I expected but there was some up and down to slow us a bit more than usual.

The water a Beaver Lake is crystal clear and the trail was all ours today. I am happy to report that the trails are pristine and spotless here in Arkansas. It seems each one is nicer or at least different from any of the previous ones.

The distance was just enough for me today; I guess I am still recuperating from the 8.5 miles from Wednesday.

We then drove on a little further to see the Beaver Bridge---One Lane across the appendage of Beaver Lake. I just love this bridge!

We stopped at Applebys for an early dinner and I was dreaming of a nice fresh cup of coffee...sadly the machine was broken and there was none to be had there! So, maybe next time. But it would have been a nice prelude to the dinner.

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