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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park - Arkansas

Today we braved the colder weather and went to the Prairie Grove Battlefield; we went in the visitors center where they have a small museum and a 12 minute film, all quite informative about the battles that took place here. Interestingly enough I found that there are several Confederate flags so naturally I had to get a couple of shots of those, just because...

Here is a picture of the inside of an Officer's tent...there was a letter in front of the display indicating to his mother that he had almost all the comforts of home and that she shouldn't worry about his well-being.
This is the First Confederate flag
This is the Second Confederate flag
This is the Third and final Confederate flag

After we got the general idea, we walked the one mile loop through a section of the battlefield and then took the car tour for roughly five miles. I am beginning to get a better understanding of the history of the area. Now that I have lived in several places, I can say with some actual basis that each area of the country will include more historical information about the immediate area than the nation as a whole. So getting to these points of interest around the country and here are helping me to understand our history a little better. I still don't understand war though.

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