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Monday, May 26, 2008

Wauconda Memorial Day Parade

It's been too many years since I attended a parade. Today was a perfect day for it too, low eighties and so many different groups to look at. The parades here are different from those back east...the biggest difference is that the floats throw candy at you! It is kind of like a reverse Halloween. Fun!

So, even though I got a pretty good spot to watch, my pictures did not all come out great. I will show you only those that represent the fun that everyone was having....mostly the paraders...they were having a ball!

Here is Chuck greeting his neighbors...

Just a heads up for July. On the tenth there will be the wild west show on Main
Street. That promises to be over the top!

Jazz dancing group

I just love these big bikes, the horn was great too!
One of the few marching bands.
My best shot of many vintage tractors
This was one of my favorites...the magic carpet riders. They would go a bit and then turn around and do figure eights, all the while the carpet fringe is fluttering in the breeze and smiles, really big smiles on every driver!
What parade would be complete without some Bagpipe players?
The Black Horse brigade...they did figure eights too, all very nicely done!
More big guys in little cars having a ball! Me Too!
Here's a shot of the crowd as we were making our way out and on to biking the Palatine trail. What a glorious day!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great parade!