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Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Grillin' in the Rain" and More!

Today, since Chuck is singing in the Spring Concert presented by the Village Singers of Lake Zurich, we decided to have dinner at mid-day. A great decision IF it were not raining. Somehow I managed to turn out yet another great meal...assisted greatly by fantastic steaks from Costco! See for yourself:

The concert was very well done! It was themed in Broadway show tunes and was very enjoyable. What I noticed most (since I was the Official Unofficial photographer) was how everyones eyes just sparkled! I mean REALLY sparkled...I am sure it was an indication of how much fun all the performers were having. My camera did not capture those glows but here are a couple of shots to show how it went.

Here is a group 'N Tune, singing In Whatever Time We Have, written by Stephen Schwartz
This was an attempt to get the entire group, but failed...maybe tomorrow I can get a full group shot since I will be attending the performance a second time.

There is never a performance by this group without at least one funny skit. This was no exception. Below is Chuck Fitz-Hugh, Glynda Kupczak and Eva Larson presenting, Kids from Bye, Bye, Birdie

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