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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Des Plaines River Trail

We met with Patti and Dave today and rode along the Des Plaines River Trail. Actually there was an ulterior motive behind our choice. Next weekend we are canoeing for 18 miles on the Des Plaines River and we wanted to get a look at how it is given the enormous amount of rain lately.

The dams are flowing, so traversing them will be a bit tricky. See this one with only one section that is best for canoeing over...the so-called V is the section we will be shooting for. It will be successful or I will be digging for my towel!

We biked from Half Day Preserve to Independence Trail (about 25 miles total, give or take a few)and stopped at Micky "D"s, in Libertyville, for lunch on the way back.

But, not just any ...Micky "D", this one was remodeled to mirror the originals from back in the fifties What fun! The real prices were current, but everything else was straight out of those golden years...even the music

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