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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor wind.....

Would keep us from getting out in the forest preserves here in Northwest Illinois today! The weathermen predicted that there would be on and off storms today and the possibility of a tornado, but that didn't keep us home.
We met Patti and Dave and Len and Marlene at the usual place and instead of biking (whose idea was that??!!) we hiked four miles in Moraine Hills.

It started out nicely enough but I suspected we might get some of that promised rain, so I brought my umbrella, just in case; Patti and Dave thought we could squeeze this in before the rain; Len and Marlene came prepared.

Halfway through the skies opened and the winds howled. Branches flew here and there. Fortunately, not on us but close...

We cut the hike short and headed for Walker Brothers for breakfast. None too soon either. There were almost hurricane winds on the ride there and many traffic lights were out, branches down and general chaos on the roads.

Breakfast, was great!

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