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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fox River Trail - Geneva to Aurora Leg

Chuck and I met with Len, and Dave and Patti to add yet another leg of this great trail to our list of "trails ridden". The section today was the last lengthy piece of it that we had not bicycled as of today. We started in Geneva,

So now that we added those 19 miles to our done list, there are only a couple of short 2-3 mile sections that we will do later on when we are in those areas. It was a magnificent day with the temps touching on 73 degrees, sunny and a bit windy. We passed this really nice remodeled windmill

Fortunately, it was a southerly wind so it helped us on our return trip, making the last leg really easy!

We found a spot along the trail where a bridge is being replaced and it is amazing how they build the sections first and then put the top on. This is a really big project and will likely not be done for six months or so.

Lunch was at Paneras and the pictures say it all.....MMMMmmmm

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