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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mountain biking in Deer Grove

Today Chuck and I biked the single track mountain trails for 10 miles in Deer Grove. We saw a doe and her baby just before they escaped in a ravine. These were some of the first deer I have seen here and so I cannot call it 'deerless grove' any longer!

After the ride, we went to Biaggi's for lunch and had some wonderful stuff:
Chuck had spinach pasta with crab and lobster that was quite delicious. I opted for the Chilean sea bass, which was on a bed of spinach and red pepper sauce with garlic mashed potatoes. See for yourself, both were great!

They have incorporated a new policy regarding bread. I think it is great. They ask if you would like to have some; since so much has gone to waste in the past they now bring it only if you answer yes to the question. Just another way to avoid unnecessary waste.

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