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Friday, May 16, 2008

Moraine Hills State Park

Today was simply gorgeous...72 degrees, light breeze and bright sunshine. So we met Len at Moraine Hills and biked 12 miles around the loops and to the dam. Everything is so alive and fresh, it just makes you glad to be alive.

I managed to get a nice picture of Len and Chuck coming down one of the hilly areas but Chuck insisted that I send it to him so he could post. He said he wouldn't have anything to post if I didn't help him out...since he did not have his camera with him today. Ok, I gave in and sent it to him.

I got a few pictures of some swans, but they were fuzzy; ditto for a turtle shot.

So here I am with only one other shot that turned out clear and identifiable. It is Chuck's bicycle seat. For those relatives who may be wondering what he might like for Christmas.....well.....

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