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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Friday we finally got the opportunity to get out and try my new snow shoes. I got them in October for my birthday and just opened them up Friday morning. I suspected that we would be getting enough snow when I was out running errands on Thursday and so...picked up some thermal underwear. The weather is SO cold here; my thighs have been getting freezer burn lately!

So what do you think...are they color coordinated enough? I could not find red to match the shoes so got the next best thing

We met with Len and Marlene as well as Patti and Dave and got out there in the woods and snow-shoed. You may think we are crazy, but I tell you no fewer than two separate individuals we met along the way told us (and I quote) "Now that is the way to go!"

Here is Chuck enjoying the wooded area...See the new blue scarf that I made him?
Everybody got ahead of me so I thought I would get their pictures

Here I am christening my new snow shoes

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