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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Follow-up on Gift

Well, I finally finished the gift that I was making for a very special person. I wanted to make a scarf (if you recall) before M&M took off with my project after I had already sunk at least ten hours into it and rendering it trash. I went on the hunt for a simpler pattern and found one. It was so simple that I was afraid that it wouldn't have any "personality" when I was finished but it did.

I found some really nice alpaca and cashmere wool and made the scarf. It was a muted shade of blue; nice but something inside was saying: "This will not look great" on my intended recipient. Here is the first one

It is a very nice scarf but it just doesn't work for who I want to give it to. She wears a lot of black and I saw her the other day in a salt and pepper sweatshirt and that's when I knew I needed to make a black and white scarf. I found just the right angora feeling wool and went to work.

Here's the final product all wrapped up. Leave it to me to wrap it up BEFORE I took a picture of it.

Here it is on intended recipient I think it was a good choice!

Chuck became the proud owner of my first success!

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