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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dyson Hand Dryer

I discovered a new hand dryer. This is nothing like the usual ones found in public restrooms where you have to hit the start button two or three times and still end up with a spot or two that are still wet. No-siree, this one works!

You dip your hands into it,holding them straight with the palms toward you; then slowly raise them up and out of the dryer. The force is rather strong and not too warm. When you reach the top; your hands are dry...all over.

Here's what it looks like


eSpares_Samara said...

Those Dyson dryers are prolific in London now - they're great. The one thing that bothers me is that air pushes against my hands so hard that it makes my hands look like they're experiencing the G-force. They make me realise that I have fat on my hands that I never knew about.

Scott said...

These dryers are great because they actually work. We ran into them at the Museum of Science and Industry this past weekend.

Kasia said...

I saw one at a movie theatre downtown last year. Very cool.