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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Writer's Group Meeting

We had our 'occasional' writer's group meeting today and it was sure nice to get back together with everyone again. Each of us writes a personal memoir; it can be recent or not so recent and we read our contribution aloud to the group. After each of us has read we usually have some discussion about the piece and offer positive suggestions for consideration.

What I like about this approach is the sharing of the personal experience through the written word. Once it is committed to paper, the event usually becomes a 'deeper' experience for the writer and of course, the sharing among the group is a way of becoming a bit closer to each writer.

Topics covered today included a father and sons' continuing growth through high school and college, a grandmothers' delight in the daughters' birth of twins, several poems on topics as diverse as nature and rebirth after a forest fire, the process of perfection and what if animals stalked us instead of the other way around, the rite of passage into the professional world and a young boys admiration for his uncle.

None of it appears earth shattering, but each of the stories was quite moving and revealing of the personal capacities of each writer. Each story held a deep meaning for each writer and was a gentle opening into each others' lives.

Our next meeting will be in December so I will need to be thinking about a new topic to present at that time. I suppose that is the hardest part of this whole process; coming up with a topic that I think is interesting enough to share with the rest of the group.

Here we are grabbing a quick bite and settling in for our memoirs readings...

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