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Monday, October 6, 2008

Bacon Onion Pepper PIZZA

So I was trying to use up some of the odds and ends I had in the house and wound up making this really terrific pizza. Better to show the steps along the way than try to explain it only in words. So now that I have selected the pics...we could call this pizza in 5 easy steps. But of course you have to understand that I was using left-over dough from an earlier pizza escapade a couple of days ago! Where I had the whole thing put together and tried to get it on the pizza peel and destroyed the whole thing. Actually salvaged it somewhat and tried to slip it on the pizza stone and all the toppings slid off...oh well, that is definitely another story.

Below is the third try and it looks like it was a smashing success. It was...very tasty and no leftovers on this one.

Notice that I ditched the peel and the stone. Much easier this way!

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Goldenrod said...

Looks delicious! Don't remember my mother ever making pizza when I was a kid -- matter of fact, I don't even remember EAting pizza as a kid. If she had, however, I'm sure it would have looked almost as good as yours.