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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Annual Check-Up

Yesterday I took my KC Bird to the doctor for his first check-up. Of all the places that I have lived since I bought him, I never found an Avian vet, so now that I have, I thought it would be a good idea to have him checked out and have an historical medical file started. It is always good to have a healthy starting point in a medical file, so when an abnormality occurs, we know what is normal for this bird. Anyway, I still had my camera on my belt from the earlier ride I had at Independence Grove and thought I would take full advantage of it and get a few shots of the activities that ensued. It was interesting to see how this vet took care of the pedicure. I have seen it done at least three different ways and this one seems to be the least threatening to the bird.

Here he is before he knows that he is in for his first examination!

All examined and now for those nails...

What annual physical is complete without a weigh-in? They cover him so he doesn't thrash about and weigh, then they weigh the cloth and subtract from the prior number to get his actual weight. He got a great report!
Sorry baby...no treats for birds. But now we can go home!

And who is this Avian Veterinarian you may be asking?

Timothy Harris DVM
438 Peterson Road, Country Court
Libertyville, Illinois 60048

Telephone 847 362 5954

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