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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sometime ago, at years' end, I started the ritual of writing down all the new and different things that happened to me or that I did during that year. You know all the new stuff. I guess it started because I always found the New Year's holiday depressing; sort of a let down after all the 'hoo-haa'. Three years or so into this new habit I looked back over the lists that I made and discovered that I was indeed way more adventurous than I gave myself credit for.

I guess at some point I will go ahead and give you all a separate blog on the highlights of those exceptional activities (when I have the lists with me) but for now suffice to say that looking back on that activity has spurred a new one. Anticipating the new stuff to come. Wow, this is really big for me, because I have pretty much been a 'plodder'. Set a goal and go after it one step at a time.

Before I took the eight week trek to the southwest this year, I found an ad for The Great American Cooking Expo - Chicago. Since food is my passion, I ripped the ad out and slipped it under a fridge magnet. Just in case I forgot about it during the trip; I wanted a reminder that I could still have fun once the trip was over. I had gone to two of these expos in Philadelphia when I lived in New Jersey and enjoyed them very much.

So I returned from the trip and never noticed the ad on the fridge BUT I did notice another ad in Sunday's paper and got excited all over again! I went to the website and found something else that got me as excited as any child could be in anticipation of Christmas.

There on the right side of the Expo homepage was an ad for a passionate non-professional cooks'-- cooking school...YES! This is what I have been searching for - - for a very long time. I actually found one in lower Manhattan just before I moved away, but being a big city driving scaredy-cat, never was able to attend any of their classes.

So now I am looking forward to the EXPO which takes place on November 14, 15, and 16. I think I'll try for the 16th since they have many cooking demos that I would like to see. What I am really looking forward to, is the 3 day basic cooking course that is being held by Viking That of course will take place after the EXPO, on November 18, 19 and 20. I would have done it this weekend, but I have a triple birthday celebration to attend so that, of course, takes precedence!

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Goldenrod said...

What a neat idea! Writing down new and different things that happened during the year. And also, anticipation of the coming one. I should do that, only mine will probably have only one or two entries on it. :)

Cooking school sounds like fun, and I'm pretty sure that Chuck will love the results!