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Friday, October 3, 2008

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad

We took the train from Springdale to Van Buren, Arkansas on Friday. Yes, it is a touristy ride with the conductor all dressed up in his black suit and cute hat. There was also a guide telling us about the history and other interesting facts about the cities and countryside that we traversed along the way.
This is a car similar to the one we rode; I say similar because this one does not have ceiling fans. Ours did.
Just for a little something different...here is the washroom that they have on the train. I especially like the big frosted window they provided.
Everybody gets a picture of the front of a train....I got one looking out the caboose door!
Here is the front view...

We stayed in Van Buren for a couple of hours...enough to walk the historic section of town, grab lunch and a great ice cream cone. The weather was perfect and if I were into 'antique-ing' I'll bet I could have done some serious damage to my budget!
Lots of stuff to look at and imagine about.

Once we returned to Springdale, we found ourselves in the middle of rush hours traffic...well it was a good excuse to stop and eat dinner at Red Lobster! Did I tell you they were offering "endless shrimp"?! Well they were and I think both of us have filled that shrimp quota for a while.

I don't know what it is about a train ride, but it sure makes me sleepy! I was struggling to stay awake until the Cubbies game which was supposed to start at 9 PM. After snoozing on and off for a while Chuck informed me that they weren't playing until TOMORROW night at 9.
Ok then....nighty, night!

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rhonda said...

You know, all the time I've lived in NWA I've never been on the train ride. I bet it's beautiful this time of the year. Sounds like you guys have some great adventures.