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Friday, October 10, 2008

KC Came Home Today

Wow...it has really been a long time since I have had my little feathered friend on my shoulder; and those birdie kisses...how I missed them!

But we stopped by Julie's house today after our bike ride with Dave and Pattie, Marlene and Dave on the Fox River trail in Crystal Lake. He actually looked happy to see me and yet not anxious nor nervous at all...truth be told, I think he really enjoyed being with some other birds for a while...and to have someone cooking his meals for him probably didn't hurt either.

Here he is and all his friends..of course I had to take some pics of his friends it won't be long before he is lonely for them. Then I will show him the pictures and everything will be ok again...(I can dream right?)

Just a little roost stepping for mom...
This bird just loves to pose for pictures
So does this one! Although my camera was not fast enough to catch him giving high-fives. He would take his right foot and raise up and behind his head....amazing.
This one wanted out and on my shoulder in the worst way...I just know he did!
Here's Julie...you know why she smiles so much right? All these beautiful birds, all day long...who wouldn't?

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