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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First - Taste of Chicago

We ventured by Metra to downtown Chicago for 2008's Taste of Chicago. The weather held out for us, it was warm but the rain didn't come until we made it home! So I count it as a smashing success. One thing that helps you get there without spending a fortune is this neat bike valet place. It is free. Just ride there, check in your bike and then go and enjoy the Taste. What could possibly be better? If you have questions about it call 312 427 3325.

The number of food booths were seemingly limitless and I was happy to see that there were plenty of beverage stands that offered different sizes of clean cool WATER. You can get plenty of the sweet colas and beers, but oftentimes it is difficult to find something good for you at these places. Here is cheesecake and vanilla ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce....Chuck gave in.

Chicago Chocolate company...here they will chocolate coat fruit, caramel corn and they even have turtles. Lots of stuff for that sweet tooth. Double click to see the menu.
Uh...uh....here is Chuck again with yet another(!) cheesecake and vanilla and chocolate sauce.
Well I found something that I couldn't resist too! Lagniappe - Creole Cajun Joynt. Actually, forget all that creole stuff; it's the beignets that I was after. Oh Man!!! I first had a taste sample for 4 tickets and walked the perimeter and then gave in and got the dish for 5 tickets. That time they were fresh out of the oven (read...oil!) Yeah....Baby!!!! Good Stuff! I am still not hungry.
Ok, I don't know this fellow at all. I was waiting for Chuck to get his second cheesecake when he stood right in front of me. Get a good look at those freshly fried potato chips! Probably came from Harry Carays just a few feet away. Oh....boy did I want to steal one from him. But I behaved myself!
Here is the beignets place. They had a bunch of other stuff that smelled really good, but by then I was only looking for dessert.
So we just couldn't resist a trip back to Milleniuum park and the twin fountain towers. What fun. the kids were playing in the 3/4 of an inch of water...well until the periodic waterfalls.

Here is Chuck in front of the bean. It is so cool! Worth a trip from anywhere.

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