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Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily Routine

I know, I know…daily routines are pretty boring and frankly, should be kept to ourselves. But today I met with a few challenges that could truly disrupt the entire day. It is amazing how in a rut we get without even thinking about it; when things don’t go the way they always do, nerves get on edge and attitudes need to be readjusted.

It all probably started yesterday - I changed my little fold up cell phone for a first edition Iphone. I got the thing activated easy enough. (This should be read as I can no longer go back to the old one. That plan has expired) Now all I need to do is upload the contacts to the phone, do the voicemail thingy and the phone part will be ready to go. Actually it is ready to go right now, if you don’t mind dialing the number for who you are calling.
Did I just say that? Am I so far gone that I can’t dial the number? It has to be in memory so all I do is click, click call this person? Sadly, yes, I am that far gone.

I spent several hours yesterday trying to get my contacts from my Yahoo account into my cell phone. I needed this because my phone is more than just a phone. It is my mobile pocket sized connection to the internet. So I need email, website bookmarks and I may as well have photos and music for those times when I am stuck waiting. This is starting to become a mountain.

Back to the contacts problem. I discovered that the mail I have from Yahoo is not transferable to the Iphone. Ok, I was really not surprised. I ran into this similar problem some years ago and decided that since I only have 20 or so contacts, I can type them in myself and just get on with it. Yes it is a lot of work, but it is easier than really frustrating yourself for days. I mean people could die if I let it go too far! So, I spent another hour figuring out how to enter new contacts to a blank file in Iphone, entered one and am happy enough with it that I can now get a good nights sleep. I printed out the Yahoo email list, looked up the phone numbers for those I want to enter, got the snail mail addresses and am ready to start fresh, first thing in the morning.

First thing in the morning I decided to make some coffee, using my brand new coffee grinder. I used it for the first time yesterday and it was great. I was almost glad that the old one died and I was forced to get this new one because the coffee seems better using this one. I measured the beans dumped them in and hit the button. Nothing. Hit the button again…nothing. Now here is where the frustration from yesterday seems to have raised its ugly head and I am feeling that my fuse is incredibly short this morning. A little voice inside my head is saying: breathe, breathe…it will work. Ok, I unplug the grinder, dump the beans back in the bag, wiggle the do-flickey, turn the grind button back and forth and start over. Ah, it works! The coffee is delicious and my nerves are getting back to normal. I think I will go take my shower.

My routine is to get my pet cockatiel bird and bring the cage through the bedroom and into the master bathroom, remove him from the cage and let him sit on top of the open bathroom door while I shower. Of course, I close the bedroom door to keep him safe from the cat who just loves birds! He really likes the freedom and he sings to me the whole time I am in the shower. Lord knows I could use a little levity after the trials I have been through the last 10 hours. I put the cage on the closed seat of the toilet as always, opened the door let him step onto my finger and turned and put him up on the door. I got the shower going and started to get ready to step in and that’s when I saw the cat sitting on the picture window ledge looking out the window by the tub. So there I was almost naked, a free bird sitting on top of the door and a cat facing me looking like she owns the world. I was the only one who realized that there could be a dead bird in about 3 seconds. What to do? I was going to chase the cat, but then realized the bird would start flying if I made too much commotion. If I try to get the bird too quickly, then he will take off and the cat will surely get him. Now I am really getting nervous; the little voice is back: breathe, breathe. Yes, breathe, just calmly reach up with both hands, gently. Very gently and have him step up and calmly put him in the cage. Just pretend it is only you and birdie. It worked.

Then I tried to chase the cat out and she absolutely refused to go. I put the bird in the back bedroom and closed the door. The cat remained on the window for the entire shower (this is a first because she hates the noise the shower makes) when I finished and got ready to blow dry my hair she left. When I was done, she was just outside the bedroom door waiting for me. She had that look in her eye that said it all: I know you are frustrated what with the Iphone and the coffee grinder...I just wanted you to know that I’m here to support you. Here I thought she was after the bird…silly me.


Goldenrod said...

"Daily routines should be kept to ourselves?" I guess it depends on which routines you're talking about.

Really now, Whale, this routine you have of allowing your bird to watch you naked as you shower sounds (at the very least) somewhat risque and (at most) almost pornographic! :)

Then enters the cat? (Suspenseful background music required for this scene, along with darkening light.) What a dilemma!!

Any time I get a brand new ANYthing I'm in trouble. I'm going to have to remember your "wiggle the do-flickey" solution. Cleverly outsmarted the do-flickey, huh? Good for you!

By the way, it is my opinion that any cat worth its salt DOES feel like it owns the world. The reason the cat stayed on the window? Not to give you moral support. No, no. She was hoping against hope that you'd forget she was lurking there and bring breakfast back in.

nanny7ofus said...

Hi Ellen,
Just love to pop in and read your goings and comings.
Your routine sounds a lot better than mine. With animals around you , you are never truly bored.

My excitement in the morning is to make it out of bed!