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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Des Plaines River Trail - Independence Grove to Wright Woods

Another glorious day for biking so we went to Independence Grove Forest Preserve and headed south to Wright Woods and then returned, for a total 24 miles. The weather could not have been better and even though this is a holiday weekend the trails were surprisingly not overly busy.

I got to see some interesting things along the way. To start there was this gorgeous horse named Ruby. She was a little skittish on the bridge and was eating up the compliments once she got her hooves back on solid ground.
Then further along we came upon a Great Blue Heron....fishing. Statue still and picturesque (he was still there but in a slightly different position when we returned 2 hours later)
Here is a volley ball game going on at Independence Grove next to the lake. It looks like the side are a little uneven...adults on the left kiddies on the right. They were having fun though.

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