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Sunday, March 6, 2011

More on Road Scholar Service Program--ECHO

I have been back from my trip for a little over a week; it took me that long to recuperate from this lingering cold that I have been dealing with. I didn't know a person could feel so tired for so long! That is now behind me and I can show you all the stuff I have been up to and learning...

I left off at ECHO, which is such an interesting organization. Our purpose was to help out where were needed. After collecting and preparing bamboo for the fencing, we moved to another area that needed attention...mulching. Since it is a global farm compound, the amount of mulch that is required boggles the mind. So four ladies in the group formed what we called the "Mulchin' Mommas" and performed admirably! We mulched almost the entire orange grove which was huge and then we took care of the area around the store and administration buildings. The Annual Open House was weeks away so tidying the place up a little was appreciated!

Echo makes its own mulch from the tropical plants that thrive in the area, this was not the light, tiny bits of mulch that you buy in those bags at the mega marts...this was stringy and had lots of really large chucks of dead growth in it...a challenge for us, but we were able to handle it with ease.

Here are three of the Mulchin' Mommas happy with our progress Nancy, Me and Glory

And...wouldn't you know as soon as we finish one area a snake moves in to claim it as his territory!

We thought it might be fun to see what was going on in other sections of the farm, so we absconded with a golf cart...we had a short and fun afternoon ride around the compound before returning the cart to its "fueling station".

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Nancy and Vijay said...

Can you tell more about the ECHO program? Where is this at? As usual I have questions :) It looks like you did lots of work, you should be resting. I'm glad the snake came after you finished instead of before. Hope your cold goes away soon. Have a wonderful day :)